Kathleen McCarthy
Lab Director
Research interests : Early phonological acquisition, first and second language acquisition, speech perception and production, bilingualism, acoustic-phonetics.
Adam Chong
Lab Member
My research investigates how listeners acquire and process the phonetic and phonological patterns in their first language, and what this tells us about grammatical architecture. I also work on intonation, Read More
Rosie Oxbury
Graduate student
Interests: sociolinguistic variation, language contact, bilingualism, sociolinguistic variation among children
Grace White
MA Student
My research interests are sociolinguistics, language contact, language and identity, and sociophonetics.
Shivonne Gates
Graduate student / Research Assistant
I have three main research interests: adolescent language and standard language ideology; language and ethnicity in the UK, particularly in multicultural urban areas; stylistic variation and sociophonetics.

Affiliated members:

Hazel Pearson
My primary research area is formal semantics – the study of how sentences come to carry meaning. I’m interested especially in the encoding of perspective in natural language: what are Read More
Linnaea Stockall
My work focuses on the earliest stages of linguistic information extraction and processing involved in the retrieval of individual words and parts of words, and in the combination of those Read More
Jenny Cheshire
I work on different aspects of language variation and change, and adolescents’ language. Recent projects have analysed language innovation in multicultural London, and language change in multicultural Paris, especially syntactic Read More