Here you can find information about upcoming and previous talks, conference presentations and seminars by members of the lab. We also hold regular meetings for the Experimental Linguistics Forum, which are detailed below.

Experimental Linguistics Forum 2021/22

The Experimental Linguistics Forum meets regularly online (Zoom) to discuss topics related to experimental linguistics. This year the reading group theme is Understudied languages/varieties in psycho/neurolinguistics. Please get in touch if you’d like to join our online reading group:

Reading Group 2021/22

Upcoming and previous presentations:
14/10/21: Ciaccio, L., Kgolo, N., & Clahsen, H. Morphological decomposition in Bantu. Language, Cognition, and Neuroscience. – Swarnendu Moitra
28/10/21: Portes, C., & German, S. (2019). Implicit effects of regional cues on the interpretation of intonation by Corsican French listeners. Laboratory Phonology. – Marc Barnard
25/11/21: Mellesmoen, G., & Babel, M. (2020). Acoustically distinct and perceptually ambiguous: ʔayʔaǰuθǝm1 (Salish) fricatives. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. – Dave Cayado & Dany Gonçalves
09/12/21: Hermana, E., Juma, E., & AlJassami, M. (2021). Parafoveal processing of orthographic, morphological, and semantic information during Arabic reading. PLOS One. – Farida Soliman & Khalid Hudyari

Lab Meetings 2021/22

07/10/21: General introduction
21/10/21: Study design (context: CASE ESRC app) – Farida Soliman
04/11/21: Study design (speech perception expt) – Dany Gonçalves
18/11/21: MA work, follow-up study design – Scott Kunkel
02/12/21: Results from masked priming tasks + exp planning – Dave Cayado
16/12/21: ESRC postdoc app – Elisa Passoni

ACTL(Advanced Core Training in Linguistics):

In Fall 2020, our reading group was part of the ACTL Autumn School. You can find the readings here:

2020 Readings:
October 15th: Brysbaert, M., Mandera, P., & Keuleers, E. (2018). The word frequency effect in word processing: An updated review. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 27(1), 45-50.

October 29th: Rastle, K., McCormick, S. F., Bayliss, L., & Davis, C. J. (2011). Orthography influences the perception and production of speech. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 37(6), 1588–1594.

November 12th: Pierrehumbert, J. B. (2001). Exemplar dynamics: Word frequency. Frequency and the emergence of linguistic structure45, 137-157.

November 26th: Marantz, A. (2013). No escape from morphemes in morphological processing. Language and Cognitive Processes28(7), 905-916.

December 10th: Storkel, H. L., & Maekawa, J. (2005). A comparison of homonym and novel word learning: The role of phonotactic probability and word frequency. Journal of child language, 32(4), 827.