Here you can find information about upcoming and previous talks, conference presentations and seminars by members of the lab. We also hold regular meetings for the Experimental Linguistics Forum, which are detailed below.

Experimental Linguistics Forum

The Experimental Linguistics Forum meets regularly in Bancroft 1.02.2 to discuss topics related to experimental linguistics. Upcoming and previous presentations:

07/10/19: Matthew Hunt will present his PhD work.
28/10/19: Elisa Passoni will present (topic TBC).
11/11/19: Qian Luo will present (topic TBC).
18/11/19: Kathleen McCarthy will host a discussion on statistical methods and approaches.
25/11/19: Linnaea Stockall will host a discussion on replicability and reproducibility.
09/12/19: Kathleen McCarthy and Adib Mehrabi will present feedback on the CutttingEEG PracticalEEG workshop in Paris.

Talks, Seminars, and Conference Presentations

05/08/19: Acquiring a multiethnolect: the production of diphthongs by children and adolescents in West London. Rosie Oxbury and Kathleen McCarthy, ICPhS (Melbourne, Australia).